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Mission and Vision


An Education for the Common Good

  • Our distinctive undergraduate majors and minors promote experiential learning in typically small class settings, integrate research with creative activity, and emphasize interdisciplinary thinking and social responsibility.
  • Our graduate programs combine the best of theoretical and practical inquiry, and pursue opportunities for scholarly and professional engagement and bold artistic experimentation in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Our award-winning faculty connects the dots between teaching and research in order to produce exceptional academic scholarship and creative work marked by innovation and civic engagement.
  • Home to a diversity of people and ideas, the School reflects a spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and the cultivation of integrity, compassion, civility and ethical behavior as foundational to an education for the common good.

Vision and Values

Foundational, Transferable, Enduring

Our research vision is to be a leader in innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative scholarship and art practice promoting the foundational, transferable, and enduring values of the Humanities and Arts in an increasingly technologized and global society.

Through our research Institutes, we will engage the full range of the School's perspectives and connect them with those of colleagues in other disciplines to address pressing problems in their full complexity. We will not merely generate knowledge, but create a culture devoted to the application of knowledge for the common good.

As part of a comprehensive university, we pledge to educate the whole individual. We are committed to our students’ life-long success, and their emotional, social, and ethical growth, with an eye to:

  • stimulating creativity and critical thinking
  • developing transferable skills for rapidly changing professional environments
  • fostering mindfulness and a thoughtful interior life
  • defining, evaluating, and conveying shared core beliefs
  • cultivating an enduring ethic of caring, social engagement, and service.