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View a snapshot of work by the esteemed faculty within the School of Arts and Humanities.

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  • Kazim Ali

    Kazim Ali

    • Sukun: New and Selected Poems (Wesleyan Poetry)

    • (Wesleyan University Press, 2023)

    • Kazim Ali is a poet, novelist, and essayist whose work explores themes of identity, migration, and the intersections of cultural and spiritual traditions. "Sukun" means serenity or calm, and a sukun is also a form of punctuation in Arabic orthography that denotes a pause over a consonant. This Sukun draws a generous selection from Kazim's six previous full-length collections, and includes 35 new poems.
  • Amelia Glaser

    Amelia Glaser

    • A Crash Course in Molotov Cocktails

    • (Arrowsmith Press, 2023)

    • Translated with the utmost of care by Amelia Glaser and Yulia Ilchuk, A Crash Course in Molotov Cocktails is a guidebook to the emotional combat in Ukraine.
  • Page duBois

    Page duBois

  • Ameeth Vijay

    Ameeth Vijay

    • TOPOTHESIA: Planning, Colonialism, and Places in Excess

    • (Fordham University Press, 2023)
    • Topothesia reads urban planning as a mode of speculative fiction, one inextricably linked to histories of British colonialism and liberalism through a particular understanding of place. The book focuses on town planning from the late nineteenth century to the present day, showing how the contemporary geography of Britain—sharply unequal and marked by racial division—continues ideologies of place established in colonial contexts. Specifically, planning allows for the speculative construction of future places that are both utopian in their ability to resolve political disagreement and at the same tantalizingly realizable, able to be produced in concrete reality. This speculative imaginary, I argue, is only possible within the ideological framework of colonialism and the history of empire within which it developed.
  • Kathryn Walkiewicz

    Kathryn Walkiewicz

    • Reading Territory - Indigenous and Black Freedom, Removal, and the Nineteenth-Century State

    • (The University of North Carolina Press, 2023)
    • The formation of new states was an essential feature of US expansion throughout the long nineteenth century, and debates over statehood and states' rights were waged not only in legislative assemblies but also in newspapers, maps, land surveys, and other forms of print and visual culture. Assessing these texts and archives, Kathryn Walkiewicz theorizes the logics of federalism and states' rights in the production of US empire, revealing how they were used to imagine states into existence while clashing with relational forms of territoriality asserted by Indigenous and Black people. 



  • David Borgo

    David Borgo

  • Amy Cimini

    Amy Cimini

    • Wild Sound: Maryanne Amacher and the Tenses of Audible Life

    • (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    • Wild Sound: Maryanne Amacher and the Tenses of Audible Life discerns meeting points between frameworks for life that emerged from Amacher's multidisciplinary study of sound and listening: within acoustical spectra, inside human bodies and ears, across cities and edgleands, hypothetical creatures and virtual, fictive or distanciated environments.
  • Mark Dresser

    Mark Dresser

    • Tines of Change

    • (Pyroclastic Records, 2023)
    • Dresser finds in the double bass orchestras within orchestras, crosscurrents of harmonic and multiphonic inspiration that engage in captivating and entrancingly beautiful dialogues.

Theatre and Dance

  • Lisa Porter

    Lisa Porter

    • Stage Management Theory as a Guide to Practice: Cultivating a Creative Approach

    • (Routledge, 2020)
    • Stage Management Theory as a Guide to Practice offers theory and methodology for developing a unique stage management style, preparing stage managers to develop an adaptive approach for the vast and varied scope of the production process, forge their own path, and respond to the present moment with care and creativity.
  • Allan Havis

    Allan Havis

    • Clear Blue Silence

    • (Ktav Publishing House, 2022)
    • Film professor Jonathan Klein resolves a debt left by his deceased Jewish father due to a New York crime figure. Klein, a single parent in California, also learns unsettling details about his late wife, about his brilliant Chinese student, and about his suicidal colleague days before Yom Kippur. The story, set during Covid, finds Klein straddling California and New York as his crisis of conscience overwhelms him against a madcap landscape.
  • Hentyle Yapp

    Hentyle Yapp

    • Minor China: Method, Materialisms, and the Aesthetic

    • (Duke University Press, 2021)
    • In Minor China Hentyle Yapp analyzes contemporary Chinese art as it circulates on the global art market to outline the limitations of Western understandings of non-Western art.

Visual Arts