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Institute of Arts and Humanities

Institute of Arts and Humanities

The UC San Diego Institute of Arts and Humanities encourages interdisciplinary research, teaching and public dialogue. Encompassing a broad range of methods, approaches and themes — underscoring the centrality of core arts and humanities disciplines — the institute generates and supports projects that help equip students, faculty and the wider public with the creativity, empathy and analysis for imagining and practicing a collaborative and more equitable human experience.

Currently led by Daniel Widener of the Department of History, the Institute of Arts and Humanities offers exciting research programs for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and the broader university and San Diego communities.

Academic programs and centers in area, ethnic and language studies are the heart and soul of the Institute for Arts and Humanities. Each is instruction-centered and offers a range of interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate specializations, minors and majors. Programs and affiliated centers include:

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies
  • Black Diaspora and African American Studies
  • Center for Hellenic Studies
  • Chicanx and Latinx Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • European Studies
  • German Studies
  • Global South Studies
  • Italian Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Middle East Studies
  • Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
  • Science Studies
  • Transnational Korean Studies

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